About Me

Hello my name is Kristina, I've always been interested in photography.  My father was always the photographer in our family.  He would always be there capturing those moments that we now look back on and remember with big smiles.  He loved to capture our memories and as I watched throughout the years how much he enjoyed it, the passion of photography had started to grow in me. I decided to buy a quality professional camera and some better quality lenses and started asking friends and family to be models for me and I spent days and long nights learning and absorbing all that I could about photography and editing.  Now I'm here, meeting beautiful families and couples and being able to capture their memories and have their story be told and preserved forever.  I believe that everyone in life has stories to share and the only way they can be shared, preserved and cherished forever is through photographs.  

Some other favorite things I love to do:

baking, hiking, traveling, spending time with family & friends

I look forward to capturing your story!!


For all brides, your wedding day is a very special and magical day! Capturing your story is what I love to do. There is also one other memory that can be saved for years to come, your Bridal Bouquet!! Flowers Uniquely Framed preserves your beautiful flowers in an art-designed arrangement.